Your Journey

Research reminds us time and again that there are predominant themes around clients’ financial planning goals. While financial resources are means for achieving desired outcomes, the themes themselves are not specifically monetary.

The first theme is around People. Almost universally, clients express that family and other relationships are what they value most and what they want.

Next is the concept of Spirit. These are the activities and engagements that make us feel connected.

Creative Pursuits are the personal passions and talents that allow us to express ourselves and/or apply our knowledge and experience in new and different ways.

Giving Back, which takes many forms, is about gratitude, significance, and belonging to something bigger than ourselves.

Lastly, the concept of Place is a strong theme we hear from clients. Being drawn to a particular place or setting for the peace, comfort, excitement, or memories it inspires is part of what makes each person’s journey unique.

At Sage Wealth Planning, we use a process called Discovery to better understand these and other drivers of meaning for our clients and make them the center of their planning.