Course Check

Money is emotional, and deeply woven throughout modern life.

As such, it's an area where differing beliefs or values can easily create conflict.  This is especially true in relationships with a high degree of interdependence such as marriages.  When one spouse views financial resources as a means for achieving security and the other sees them as an avenue for fun and excitement, it's easy to see how expenditures can become a constant source of frustration.  

The solution may be as simple as agreeing to the different roles money is playing for each spouse, and deciding at a high level what goals need to have dedicated funding for both parties to feel comfortable.

A simple "Course Check" might help to balance the needs of today and tomorrow and restore harmony through a simple four corners approach.

In the first corner, Lifestyle,  we examine cashflow to determine what can be supported today while still leaving room to invest for the future. The ease and availability of credit in today's society has made it possible to finance a current lifestyle that cannot be maintained over time. A little foresight can go a long way here and save some real heartache in the future.

The second is Investment.  Investment is the commitment to maintaining and improving our lifestyle over time.  

The third corner is Risk Management.  This is just a discliplined approach to mitigating the potential hazards which could significantly and negatively affect our values, capacity or ability to earn income.  Some risks should be retained, others avoided and some can be shared to lessen the burden.

With these things in place we have an opportunity to turn our attention to the deep drivers of meaning and satisfaction in life.  These are the areas of Engagement and they represent the people, places, and causes where we achieve a sense of significance.